Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Child's Play - Just the facts!

Question 1—Why are there no prices on your website?
Answer—Child’s Play is a very, very large facility with lots to do for both adults and children.  We provide custom parties trying to meet all of your needs and expectations.  Each party is different in terms of the number of people, space required, and number of hours — with that said costs vary accordingly.  We host parties / events from two hour children’s party packages to corporate functions with over 400 guest both with and without food.

Question 2—Can I bring my own food and / or drinks?
Answer—Sure you can.  There is no extra charge for this.  Alternatively, we can provide food as you so specify.  If you have an elaborate food setup, which requires both extra time and extra staff there is a charge for this. 

Question 3—Am I sharing this facility?  Are there other parties going on while I’m there?
Answer—No, we only make Child’s Play available to one party at a time.  The space is yours to do with as you please.  You never share this space.  With hosting only one event at a time, you are sure to have the best experience possible and the undivided attention of all of are staff members.

Question 4—Do you do family parties?
Answer—Yes, 50% of all the parties booked are actually family parties where old and young alike enjoy the full facilities.  There’s lots to do for everyone.  We continue to expand the facility to accommodate your varied desires and needs. Family parties are just one of the many events that we host.  Our corporate, banquet and wedding functions are just some of the many diverse events that we host.   Don’t let the name fool you  . . .  We are MORE THAN JUST CHILD’S PLAY EVENT & BANQUET FACILITY

Question 5—Is your facility clean?
Answer—Yes, absolutely. We take pride in ownership.  We own the building (and do not rent).  Every nick and cranny is meticulously cleaned and cared for.   We hope that you find our facility managed and taken care of just way you would look after your own home.  We care about the building, the assets, and most of all our Clients.

Question 6—How large a party can you accommodate?
Answer—Well, we have done large corporate,  family, and birthday parties with over 400 guests.  Normally, most of our parties are between 30 and 200 guests  Our facility is nearly 20,000 square feet—that is, we can certainly accommodate very large parties—15,000 square feet of these 20,000 are just used for event space—WE ARE LOOKING TO EXPAND, ANY SUGGESTIONS?

Question 7—Can I smoke in the building?

Question 8—Are you open for drop in visits?
Answer—No, Child’s Play is a Party / Event Centre — there is no drop in access.  We only do parties by reservation that’s why we would ask you to call (416) 236-8255, or visit to make your booking.

Question 9—Do you have a “Toddler’s Area”?
Answer—Yes and it is brand new.  Rides, games and more for toddlers; however, our clientele and the activities we provide for such a re designed from babes-in-arms to 90+  We welcome babes-in-arms, and toddlers; however, we would ask that parents specifically take charge of these very young children and enjoy going on the rides and the like with their Children.

Question 10—Can adults use all of the games and assets at Child’s Play without restrictions?
Answer—Yes, all of the climbing play structures were custom designed and can take the weight of 12, 350 pound men at a time.  This structures and well maintained and are of the highest commercial quality — there not made my little tykes and found at our local Wal-Mart. 

Question 11—Is your facility secure?
Answer—Yes, we have triple dead-bolt steel doors, with cameras as well as magnetic commercial gates providing the utmost in security for our guests.  We have hosted parties for sports figures, television personalities, politicians, recording artists, popular singers; of which, all have returned for follow-up events [We must be doing something right].

Question 12— Are you a peanut free facility?
Answer—No, in fact we are not peanut friendly.  Our top cake suppliers offer use nuts in their cakes, so our believe is to be upfront on this before you ask.

Question 13— What is your parking like?
Answer— We have parking in both the front and rear of the building (plenty).  You can also park at the west side of the building.  Best of all—it is totally FREE. Street parking is permitted on south side of the street as well [FREE]. Overall, this is not a problem.  Also, two doors door the street, to the west, is one of our Clients [Costco].  Great place for adults to shop when dropping off children in the event that you are looking for some “Me Time.”  Sherway Gardens is just minutes away to the west of us, so if you are looking for something else to do, in the event that you are doing a drop off you will find Sherway a premier shopping experience.

Question 14— I’m just shopping around for price?  How much . . .
Answer— We get this question all the time, it isn’t nice to ask a Lady her age is it?  If you are just shopping for price, we are not going to be the cheapest product in the market; however, GOOGLE SAYS WE ARE THE BEST!

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